Preserve the SEO equity while migrating or re-designing the website It is important to plan before migrating or re-designing a website because they will face issues related to catastrophic SEO. In the case of changing the domain name of a site may lead to some serious change of the brand’s popularity in the internet market. So there are certain considerations one has to follow while migrating or re-designing a website, so it is important to know about the details of the site, because if not handled properly, the website might lose its visibility in the search engine and the page ranking. Implement the 301 redirection to the pages linked to the website as they provide some benefit to SEO signals and internal linking. It is important to verify if the Google search engine redirects the site to the updated website. The inbound links help in ranking the web page in the search, so it is necessary to update the links that directs the website. You should perform an SEO audit to find out the opportunities, strengths, risks and weakness of a site, look for the options where you can improve the site. You should identify the number of pages indexed in Google for the website; this can be done by performing the site command in the search engine where you have to enter the website in Google search and check for the number of pages matching the website within the Mobile App Development Los Angeles index. And in Google webmaster tools, we can download the present sitemap and URL types. It helps in analyzing the existing URL so that we can decide on the redirects if we migrate or re-design the site. This migration or re-designing might be time consuming, so it is important to download all the backup files that will assist in the updating or designing the website. Why the competitors are outperforming The Director of Online Marketing at KoMarketing Associates, Casie Gillette has been in the search industry for eight years and discusses the important aspects and value of competitive linked data. She said that in order to grow in the business, it is necessary to analyze the marketing strategy of the competitor. Focusing on the links is the most vital task; gather all the links pertaining to the competitor’s site was the only required and now there are several tools in the market that helps in collecting the backlink data of the competitor. Some of the backlink tools are Ahrefs, Majestic, Open Site Explorer and SEMRush. There are many automated process available for data analysis, but manual analysis will give an idea of the latest trends and link profiles. After analyzing and organizing the data, the next step is to identify the types of the links which refers to the site that drives a particular link. They include Mobile Application Development Company Houston organizations or colleges, blogs of forums, press release services, events and sponsors, media outlets and comments. Thus, evaluating these link types will give a clear idea on the competitor’s perception and the market tricks where they spend more money and time. Editorial opportunity is the valuable part of the competitive link analysis, using this technique; it is easy to identify the publications that help the competitors to succeed in the industry. Apart from analyzing the types of links, finding the efficient list of contents is necessary. This can be done by fragmenting the site into the high ranked link content, to check the best contents and the topics that are viral and interests the viewers. Understanding the demands and likes of the users will help in creating a more efficient link.