The Best and Most Downloaded Slot Machine Apps of 2019

There was a time, and not that long ago, that the number of slot players that played slot machines on their mobile phones and/or tablet devices was a single digit percentage of overall slot players, however that has now changed, and as such many more players player slot games on their mobile devices than play them on for example their computers.

As mentioned in LetsPlaySlots mobile slots page that it is the ease at which mobile casino and mobile slot apps can be downloaded and installed onto any type of mobile device, that has led to more and more players using their mobile devices to play their favourite slot games upon.

But, one thing that you will notice the very second you start searching for a slot or casino app to download onto your mobile device, is that there are plenty of them available, and sadly not all of them are the type of slot and casino apps I would recommended.

This guide will be taking a look at just what you should be demanding from any slot apps, and by reading it through you will be perfectly placed to discover the very best slot apps of 2019, and the ones you will have plenty of fun using too.

Best Slot App Slot Games

Let me now turn my attention to just which slot games you should be looking to play on a mobile slot or mobile casino app, for there are going to be so many different slots available you head could start to spin when you see them all in the games menu!

The slots that have been designed with long term expected pay-out percentages of at the very least 97% should be high up on your list of mobile slots to play, as they will give you more of your stakes back over the long term and winning pay-outs.

I would also pay careful attention to whether the mobile slot machines you are thinking of playing are low variance, medium variance or high variance slot games too.

If you do come across for example a high variance mobile slot then the best way to play them to ensure you will get a decent amount of spins out of your bankroll, will be playing them for some fairly low stakes, so do keep that in mind at all times.

Top Slot App Player Promotional Offers

Now, some slot players are only ever going to want to play real money slot machines and slot games on their mobile devices when using their own funds, rather than boosting the value of their bankrolls by way of bonuses or other promotional offers and deals.

The reason many players now do just that is that they are never then going to be restricted as to just which mobile slots they can play, when they can cash out their winnings and they will never be forced to have to achieve any play through requirements, which they will of course have to do when they have been playing and winning using bonus credits and bonus funds.

However, if you do want to get more play time and possibly more winning opportunities from your real money mobile slot playing exploits, you will always find plenty of casino sites and casino apps that are going to be offering you all manner of promotional offers.

But do spend a little bit of time looking at the bonus play rules and any additional terms and conditions regarding claiming and using bonuses, to see if any of the ones you will be offered offer true value to you and your bankroll!

Fast Pay-Outs and Top-Notch Service

A few other things that you should always be demanding from any real money slot apps you make sue of are things such as rapid winning pay-outs when you have won and go on to withdraw your winnings, and you should also be demanding an around the clock support service too.

Obviously you may never need to have to contact a casino apps customer care team, but on the odd occasion you do need to do so, it is always good to know that someone will be there to help and assist you if you do have any questions or experience any problems.

It will however often be the type of payment method that you have chosen to get paid out your winnings by that will ultimately determine just how quickly and rapidly a casino can pay you out your winnings, so above all else make sur you elect one that does allow a casino to pay you out your winnings not only speedily but also in full too!

Canada Casino Website Goes Live

Canada Casino Website Goes Live home pageAfter months of hard work the team at are very pleased to announce the launch of that website which is aimed at casino game players that are based in the United States of America and are playing hungry for all manner of casino related news and information.

One thing that does make CasinoUSA so every different from the plethora of other casino portals is that they have many different sections of their website that are based around each type of playing environment.

As such if you are on the lookout for which are the best land based casinos in any US State then that information will be readily available at your fingertips when visiting that website. However if you are eager to play casino games on any type of mobile device then you will find a huge amount of mobile casino related news and information also available.

You are also going to be able to play online casino games on any type of PC, laptop or computer and will also be able to play live casino games too and with that in mind the CasinoCanada website also have section completely dedicated to both of those playing environment too.

Making completely hassle free deposits and also being able to withdrawal winnings quickly and easily is something that every player will of course be looking to do when playing at any casino site whether online or a mobile casino.

However, due to the nature of online gambling in the Canada there are only a limited number of reliable payment options players can pick and choose from, and many of them do often force players to have to pay some very high valued to use those payment options.

With that in mind the team at CasinoCanada set about compiling one of the most definitive guides to US player friendly payment options found anywhere online. That section of their website is where every first time or inexperienced player should be looking to arm themselves with the necessary information required to allow them to find a reliable and hassle free payment option to cater for all of their online real money casino game playing deposits and withdrawals.

Casino game fairness should be one thing that any players based in the Canada should be demanding and have complete peace of mind about when they are playing at an online or mobile casino site, and the team at CasinoCanada only showcase and approve casinos that are licensed and regulated and casinos that have proven their games are all fair and random too.

Live casino games are proving to be just as popular with players as the more standard online casino games. Therefore if you are looking for information on how those live casino games work and operate then a huge section of the CasinoCanada website is dedicated to that very topic.

When you are in a gambling frame of mind you may prefer to visit a land based bricks and mortar casino, and if that is something you may be planning to do on any up and coming vacation to any US State then it will be worth spending some time looking over the land based US casino guides available at CasinoUSA.

For they have put together a huge database packed with relevant information on each US States land based casinos, and that part of their website is going to enable you to compare just what is on offer to you at various casino venues and pick out the one best suited to your gambling needs and requirements

One final thing you will be pleased to learn about CasinoCanada if you do fancy trying your chances at an online or mobile casino site and that is they also have a range of exclusive and very high valued bonus offers that are going to be yours instantly if you do sign up and become a new player at any of their casino sites. So head on over to that website right now and make due of those bonus offers.


CasinoCanada Public Relations

1591 Hayley Lane, Fort Myers

FL 33991, Canada

Phone: (210) 888-9008

Choosing The Right Blackjack Game at Cool Cat Casino

BlackjackThe entire suite of Blackjack game variants from Real Time Gaming are what you are going to have available to you when you choose to play at the Cool Cat Casino site, however a you may be blissfully unaware of just what Blackjack games are on offer via this leading casino software companies gaming platform, then the following guide is going to be of great use to you! You can learn how to play blackjack from here.

We have listed each of the available Blackjack games below and alongside each of them you will find all of the relevant information in regards to the house edge of each game and any specific game playing rules.

You will find that not all of the casino bonuses that you can claim at Cool Cat Casino can be used on their range of Blackjack games and as such we would suggest you read through the rules of each bonus to ensure you can play these types of games with a bonus, if of course you want to play them with a bonus that is!

You are also going to be earning valuable comp points each time you play any of the following Blackjack games at the Cool Cat Casino site for real money, and as such as these games boast tiny house edges then you should get lots of play time for your money which will naturally lead to you earning lots of comp points which can be redeemed for free playing credits.

European Blackjack – You will find there can be between four and eight decks of cards in the shoe of the European Blackjack game at Real Time Gaming powered casino sites, and when playing this game the house edge will vary between 0.57% and 0.64% depending on how many decks are in the shoe.

The European Blackjack game rules state that the dealer is going to stand his hand when he has any hand worth a Soft 17 or higher in value, and this is a No Peak game. Players have several different playing decision to make one of them is that they are allowed to double down when they have been dealt out a hand worth 9, 10 or 11.

Standard Blackjack – There are always going to be between 4 and 8 decks of playing cards in the shoe of the Standard Blackjack game offered at all online casinos powered by Real Time Gaming, and as such this game is going to return a house edge when you play it optimally of between 0.57% and 0.66%.

When playing this Blackjack game variant you will find the stake levels options are all fully adjustable so it can be a low stake or a high stake game and the Dealer is always going to hit his hand when its value is a software 17 or any lower valued combination of cards. You are also allowed to double down on any two initial cards dealt out irrespective of their values.

Pontoon – There is another type of casino card game that you can play at the Cool Cat Casino site, whilst this is not technically a Blackjack game a lot of players do enjoy playing it as it has a very similar type of playing structure to the game of Blackjack.

This game is of course the game of Pontoon and when playing this game there are usually only two decks in the shoe and as such the house edge this game play out to is 0.73%. The game plays very similar to a Blackjack game but when playing it you twist cards instead of hitting them and stick instead of standing your hand! Should you be looking for a very easy to understand and very easy to play card game and one that can be played for free or for either low and high stakes then do consider giving the Pontoon game some play time at the Cool Cat Casino site.

Match Play 21 Blackjack – You need to be aware that there will be eight decks of cards in the shoe of the Match Play 21 Blackjack game at Real Time Gaming powered casino sites, and when playing this game the house edge will be 0.81%.

The Match Play 21 Blackjack game rules state that the dealer is going to hit his hand when he has any hand worth a Soft 17 or lower in value, and this is Peak game. Players have several different playing decisions to make one of them is that they are allowed to double down when they have been dealt out any initial two card hand.

Face Up 21 Blackjack – One game that may confuse you at first when you see them being played are the Face Up 21 Blackjack games, what makes these games very unique and different is that when you play them the Dealer always deals out his cards facing upwards, and that of course does mean you will know what his hand is valued at.

This is certainly a game worth playing if you like to put into play a playing strategy based on what cards you can see instead of on other Blackjack games where it is only possible to see one of the Dealers two cards! Look out for this game when you next log into the Cool Cat Casino site for it is a game we think you may just enjoy playing!

Super 21 Blackjack – We should point out that that there will be eight decks of cards in the shoe of the Super 21 Blackjack game at Real Time Gaming powered casino sites, and when playing this game the house edge will be 1.20%.

The Super 21 Blackjack game rules state that the dealer is going to hit his hand when he has any hand worth a Soft 17 or lower in value, and this is Peak game. Players have several different playing decisions to make one of them is that they are allowed to double down when they have been dealt out any initial two card hand.

Most Popular Casino Games Worth Playing at Cool Cat Casino

Casino GamesThere are so many games that you will enjoy playing as a customer of the Cool Cat Casino site is it quite hard to pin point and list the games which are more popular than others, for it is very true to say all of the games found on their mobile, online and instant play platforms do get a lot of attention from players.

However, to help you locate and play some of the casino games which will give you the best winning chances and which have been designed as higher paying games we have put together the following listing which will enable you to see what are the most played Cool Cat Casino games, and these might be the games that are going to be worth your time and effort playing.

As a real money player at Cool Cat Casino you will of course be able to take advantage of some very large and generous bonuses, and as such if you do fancy giving any of the following games some play time and are looking for an extended game playing session then do consider taking them up on their many different deposit match bonuses offers, as by making full use of them you should have a hugely increase bankroll which should allow you to play for some considerable amounts of time!

Face Up 21 – If you are looking for a Blackjack game variant to play, then there is something very unique about the Face Up 21 Blackjack game which is offered by the Cool Cat Casino site, this Blackjack game is a low to high stake game, however when the dealer deals out your and his cards he deals them all facing upwards.

So as a player you will always be able to clearly see just what cards the dealer has been dealt, and that will of course allow you to make exactly the right betting and playing decision in regards to how you play your current hand!

Deuces Wild Video Poker – There are a number of quite high paying Video Poker games always on offer at the Cool Cat Casino site, and what makes these types of gaming machines hugely popular with players is that the games can be played for tiny stakes or increased upwards in value to make them high rolling games.

This means that every type of player, whether a low roller or a high roller is going to be able to set each game at stakes they are happy to play for. When you play the Deuces Wild Video Poker game due to its unique design you will find you can and will make many more winning hand combinations than when playing any other Video Poker game variant, and this is due to this game having four 2 cards in the deck which are completely wild cards.

Real Series Slots – Whilst Classic slots and Video Slots are certainly not in short supply at the Cool Cat Casino site, you are going to find a truly enormous suite of Real Time Gaming’s fun to play Real Series slots, and it is these slots which are the more popular games in the slot game category.

There are many unique reasons why slot players tend to stick to playing Real Series slots and never have an interest in playing any other type of slot games at the Cool Cat Casino, and the reasons are these slots offer multiple stake and payline options, each one comes with its own set of bonus games and a unique theme, and when you are playing any of them the progressive jackpot attached to each one of them can be won completely at random even if you play just one single coin per spin!

Roulette Games – There are some Roulette games which you can play at various online casinos that sadly offer very poor graphics and can be quite difficult to navigate around and play, however that is certainly not the case with the Roulette game offered by the Cool Cat Casino.

You will be able to play Roulette for free or for real money and as they have put in place some very low and very high table stake limits, you are guaranteed to find a chip value setting that is going to allow you to have a long and hopefully winning playing session whenever you log into this top rated online casino site. The graphics are excellent, and a range of player control buttons are attached to the game making it a very easy one to play and control and one offering the chance of winning big!

Classic Slots – There are of course lots of slot payers who enjoy the basic structured slot games, and those players have certainly not been forgotten by Cool Cat Casino, if you choose to play at this casino site and love the basic yet fun to play slots then do have a look through their three reel and classic slot game selection.

For when doing so you will find a range of classic thee reel slots which offer some huge jackpot, in fact there are some slots in this category of game that comes with their own progressive jackpots attached to them so with a little bit of luck you could win very big at any moment, which is after all a major part of why players do sit down to play slots online!

New Casino Games – As Cool Cat Casino uses Real Time Gaming software that does of course mean their suite of casino games keeps on growing larger and larger as this leading game designer and software platform supplier is famed for producing a steady stream of brand new casino games.

Have a look at the current collection of new games whenever you log into the Cool Cat Casino site as these games are always worth playing and will always offer you something completely unique and will as is always the case with RTG games offer you high payout percentages and low house edges.

The Best Strategy Methods To Play Video Poker

Video PokerYou will always have the chance of winning big when you sit down and give any of the Video Poker games some play time at the Cool Cat Casino site.

So we have decided to add to our playing guides a Video Poker strategy type of guide, which you will find below.

There are of course several hints and playing tips we can pass on to you should you choose to play any of the large selection of Video Poker machines available at this Real Time Gaming software powered site, and as such please do have a good look through this strategy guide as it may give you something to think about in regards to how you choose to play these types of gaming machines.

Maximum Coin Wagers – One aspect of playing Video Poker games that is very important is in regards to the number of coins you wager on every hand you decide to play. A quick glance at any Video Poker games pay table will reveal whether that games has an enhanced jackpot payout which is going to be awarded to maximum coin players.

If the variant you are playing has an enhanced jackpot hand payout which is paid to players playing five coin wagers, then you should only ever play that variant with 5 coins activated and in live player, for by playing for any lower number of coins you will be dramatically reducing the expected long term payout percentages.

Check the Pay Table – We motioned the long term expected payout percentage in the above section of this Video Poker playing strategy guide, and it must be noted that each Video Poker game is going to have its own unique long term payout percentage attached to it due to the winning payouts listed on its pay table.

For you as a player to get the best winning chance you will need to pin point which Video Poker game offers the highest payout percentage and only every stick to playing that particular game. In fact we have listed don this website under the Video Poker game section all of the expected payout percentages of all Cool Cat Casino Video Poker games, so do take a look at that section of our website as it will instantly should you wish game is the one you should be playing for the maximum winning chances!

Don’t Gamble Your Winnings – The long term expected payout percentage of any Video Poker game you play has been designed around the pay table of that game, and it does not take into account the optional gamble game feature that many Video Poker games have on offer.

It is therefore very important that you avoid taking the gamble option when playing any Video Poker game as if you do choose to take it you may be affecting your expected winnings over the long term, and you will certainly end up doing that if you take the gamble option and end up losing.

It can in fact be far too easy to get a little greedy and carried away when you take the gamble feature option, as the chance of doubling win after win is too much to resist for some players, and therein lays a very good chance that those players could end up decimating their Video Poker game playing bankroll when they keep on taking the gamble option and keep on getting a losing outcome from it!

Auto Hold Option – When you are playing Video Poker you do of course need to be playing every initial five card hand that the game deals out to your perfectly. There are so many different initial five card hand combinations that can be formed that at it is not of course possible for every player to remember them all.

This will therefore mean some Video Poker game players will be running the very real risk of holding and/or discarding the wrong cards on that initial hand, and when a player does that they will be affecting often quite dramatically their overall winning chances.

With that in mind you should always opt to make full use of the very handy game option setting known as the Auto Hold option, for by turning on this option setting as soon as you have chosen a stake amount and clicked on the deal button when playing absolutely any type of Video Poker game the game will then automatically hold for you the very best cards on your initial five card hand.

This will then mean all you have to do is to click on the deal button one additional time to get dealt your replacement cards for those that were discarded, and as the Auto Hold option automatically has been programmed with the best playing strategy then by turning it on you will always be guaranteed to play each and every single initial hand perfectly!

Be Careful Claiming Bonuses – One final tip we would like to pass on to you in regards to playing Video Poker is in regards to claiming casino bonuses. As a player playing at Cool at Casino you are going to be showered with lots of different bonuses and it is of course always important that if you intend to play Video Poker games the bonus you have claimed is allowed to be used on these types of games!

The small print and the terms and condition of any and all bonuses you are thinking of claiming or have claimed should be read through thoroughly by players, and if a bonus cannot be used on the games of Video Poker then never play those games with that bonus, for if you do you will never be able to keep any winnings you manage to achieve.

You can always contact the Casino Support Team at Cool Cat Casino if you are looking for Video Poker game bonus offers, and by doing so the support agents will be able to point you in the right direct of which bonus codes can be used to claim such bonuses!

Tips for Playing Cool Cat Casino Slots

Coolcat Casino - Builder Beaver SlotsWe do know that a lot of players out there will be looking to play the slot games when they sign up to the Cool Cat Casino, and as such and to help you possibly gain a winning advantage we have put together a range of slot playing guides that may just help you in your quest to end any slot playing session at this leading casino site in profit and ahead of the game.

It is of course worth us pointing out that every single slot game you will find offered at Cool Cat Casino has been supplied by the leading online casino game designer Real Time Gaming, and that means all of the slots are fair and completely random and every spin you make could see you winning big, with a little bit of help from Lady Luck!

If you are looking for list of slot machine real money casino sites have a look at this website for the up-to-date list for players from Canada .

Utilizing Feature Guarantee Slots

One of the best playing tips for playing any of the Real Series slot games found in the gaming suite of the Cool Cat Casino is put into play by making good use of those slots which have the feature guarantee attached to them.

When you are playing these types of slots you will usually find that you are guaranteed of being able to trigger the free spins bonus game attached to them in a certain number of spins, this is often 150 base game spins, and in if you do not manage to trigger the feature when you make your one hundredth and fiftieth base game spin then you will be awarded the free spins instantly after the reels come to a stop on that final spin.

What many players choose to do is to start increasing the stake levels they are playing each base game spin for when they arrive at 120 base games spins on which no bonus game has been awarded, and will keep on increasing their stakes as they get closer to the Feature Guarantee.

The reasons why this is a slot tip you may wish to put into play is that you have a very good chance of being awarded some large winning payouts when the Feature Guarantee awards you with the feature when playing at those newly increase stake levels.

Whilst a large winning payout can never be guaranteed due to the nature in which free spins play out, at least you will have the very best chance of winning big when you trigger the free spins on a larger than usual stake amount!

Using Slot Bonuses Optimally

By far and away the best way that you are going to have a much increased winning chance when playing slots at the Cool Cat Casino site is by taking full advantage of their ongoing and very generous slot game bonus offers and slot bonuses.

You will find a plethora of slot game deposit match bonuses and no depoist bonus codes on offer and by claiming them you will instantly have a much bigger starting bankroll and as such will have a much larger amount of ammunition to play their slots with!

Also keep in mind you are going to have to ensure you follow the rules of the slot bonuses to the letter as falling foul of any terms and conditions attaché dot a slot game bonus will always see you running the risk of having any winnings voided.

However, with a sensible staking plan and some luck the bonuses offered at Cool Cat Casino are beatable, and you can win some very sizable amounts f you pick the right slots to play with your newly enhanced slot playing bankroll!

Also be aware that if you intend to play the Real Series slot games with a bonus there may be a maximum cash out rule in place on any bonus you have made use of, and as such try and factor the current jackpot of any slot you do play with a bonus as it may be about the maximum cash out limit attached to the bonus!

Avoid Slot That Have Just Paid Out

Whilst all of the slots at Cool Cat Casino are completely random, the odds of any one player winning a large jackpot immediately after another player have just won one on the same slot machine are huge, and this is a highly unlikely event.

So when you are looking for some slots to play, then avoid playing those slot machines that have recently paid out their jackpots, this information should be easy to find as when you visit the Cool at Casino website you will always find a listing of all of their recent big winners along with information on the games those players won big on!

Higher Than Average Jackpots

One final slot playing tip we would like to pass onto you regards any of the slot machine you will find at the Cool Cat Casino site that have a progressive jackpot attached to them. If you notice the jackpots current value on any progressive slot is way higher than the amount that they are usually won, then that is one of the best times to actually play that slot game.

Progressive’s jackpots can of course be won at any time and can be awarded to any player, however by playing those slots whose jackpots are long overdue you may just be lucky enough to be the player who wins that jackpot.

You will of course find more than enough progressive jackpot paying slot games are available at Cool Cat Casino and as the vast majority of them can be played for different stake levels you will always have plenty of game sot pick and choose from no matter how large or how small your slot playing budget is.

In fact the best slots to play for low stake amounts are the Real Series slots for when playing them even for just one single cent per spin you will have a chance, albeit a tiny one, of winning the progressive jackpot attached to that Real Series slot!