The Best Strategy Methods To Play Video Poker

Video PokerYou will always have the chance of winning big when you sit down and give any of the Video Poker games some play time at the Cool Cat Casino site.

So we have decided to add to our playing guides a Video Poker strategy type of guide, which you will find below.

There are of course several hints and playing tips we can pass on to you should you choose to play any of the large selection of Video Poker machines available at this Real Time Gaming software powered site, and as such please do have a good look through this strategy guide as it may give you something to think about in regards to how you choose to play these types of gaming machines.

Maximum Coin Wagers – One aspect of playing Video Poker games that is very important is in regards to the number of coins you wager on every hand you decide to play. A quick glance at any Video Poker games pay table will reveal whether that games has an enhanced jackpot payout which is going to be awarded to maximum coin players.

If the variant you are playing has an enhanced jackpot hand payout which is paid to players playing five coin wagers, then you should only ever play that variant with 5 coins activated and in live player, for by playing for any lower number of coins you will be dramatically reducing the expected long term payout percentages.

Check the Pay Table – We motioned the long term expected payout percentage in the above section of this Video Poker playing strategy guide, and it must be noted that each Video Poker game is going to have its own unique long term payout percentage attached to it due to the winning payouts listed on its pay table.

For you as a player to get the best winning chance you will need to pin point which Video Poker game offers the highest payout percentage and only every stick to playing that particular game. In fact we have listed don this website under the Video Poker game section all of the expected payout percentages of all Cool Cat Casino Video Poker games, so do take a look at that section of our website as it will instantly should you wish game is the one you should be playing for the maximum winning chances!

Don’t Gamble Your Winnings – The long term expected payout percentage of any Video Poker game you play has been designed around the pay table of that game, and it does not take into account the optional gamble game feature that many Video Poker games have on offer.

It is therefore very important that you avoid taking the gamble option when playing any Video Poker game as if you do choose to take it you may be affecting your expected winnings over the long term, and you will certainly end up doing that if you take the gamble option and end up losing.

It can in fact be far too easy to get a little greedy and carried away when you take the gamble feature option, as the chance of doubling win after win is too much to resist for some players, and therein lays a very good chance that those players could end up decimating their Video Poker game playing bankroll when they keep on taking the gamble option and keep on getting a losing outcome from it!

Auto Hold Option – When you are playing Video Poker you do of course need to be playing every initial five card hand that the game deals out to your perfectly. There are so many different initial five card hand combinations that can be formed that at it is not of course possible for every player to remember them all.

This will therefore mean some Video Poker game players will be running the very real risk of holding and/or discarding the wrong cards on that initial hand, and when a player does that they will be affecting often quite dramatically their overall winning chances.

With that in mind you should always opt to make full use of the very handy game option setting known as the Auto Hold option, for by turning on this option setting as soon as you have chosen a stake amount and clicked on the deal button when playing absolutely any type of Video Poker game the game will then automatically hold for you the very best cards on your initial five card hand.

This will then mean all you have to do is to click on the deal button one additional time to get dealt your replacement cards for those that were discarded, and as the Auto Hold option automatically has been programmed with the best playing strategy then by turning it on you will always be guaranteed to play each and every single initial hand perfectly!

Be Careful Claiming Bonuses – One final tip we would like to pass on to you in regards to playing Video Poker is in regards to claiming casino bonuses. As a player playing at Cool at Casino you are going to be showered with lots of different bonuses and it is of course always important that if you intend to play Video Poker games the bonus you have claimed is allowed to be used on these types of games!

The small print and the terms and condition of any and all bonuses you are thinking of claiming or have claimed should be read through thoroughly by players, and if a bonus cannot be used on the games of Video Poker then never play those games with that bonus, for if you do you will never be able to keep any winnings you manage to achieve.

You can always contact the Casino Support Team at Cool Cat Casino if you are looking for Video Poker game bonus offers, and by doing so the support agents will be able to point you in the right direct of which bonus codes can be used to claim such bonuses!