The Best Online Variety Games at Cool Cat Casino

Casino GamesAs part of our series of game guides which on which we enlighten you as to just what type of Instant Play games can be found in the gaming suite of Cool Cat Casino, in this one we are going to turn our attention to the more unique Variety Games that this Real Time Gaming software powered casino has on offer.

As is the case with all of their other games, should you like the look and sound of any of the following games you will be given the option of playing them for free or for real money when you become a new player at the Cool Cat Casino sites, so do feel free to give any of the following games a whirl in the demo modes as that is a good way to test them out and see if they play and pay as good as we say they do but in a no risk playing environment!

Lucky 8’s – The Lucky 8’s game is an Irish themed scratchcard game and there is a lot to like about this game for you have to scratch off one side of the game to reveal two numbers, and then you are tasked with scratching off five panels on the other side of the card in the hope any of the two winning numbers match any of those five numbers.

To make this game appealing to players it also comes with a progressive jackpot and not many Scratchcards available other casinos site offer ever rising progressive jackpots!

5 Diamond Jackpot – If you are looking to play Blackjack and Scratchcards then you can now combine the two by playing the 5 Diamond scratchcard game found in the gaming suite of our featured online casino site that is the Cool Cat Casino!

This game will see you having to scratch off a Dealers hand panel and once you do so you will reveal the hand the Dealers is holding, and then you have to scratch off five Players Hand panels in the hope any of all of them beat the Dealers hand.

Euro Slot Poker – The Euro Slot Poker game is one of the more unusual games available in the Variety games menu at Cool at Casino site. You could best describe this game as a mix of a poker game and a slot machine.

The game features a bonus type feature round and offers players the ability to play it for different stake levels, and there are of course several winning combinations that can be won on the base game, give it a little play time for it is like no other slot game you will have ever played before!

Bonus Bingo – You will find a special and very unique type of Bingo game is on offer at Cool Cat Casino and this is their Bonus Bingo game. What makes this game so very different from other Bingo games is that it is not a multiplayer game it is a single player game.

When playing it you can select up to four Bingo Cards to play each game and there are a arrange of stake options available and of course a range of winning bingo patterns and payouts that can be won. This is an ideal game to play when you fancy playing something completely different from the large array of standard casino games found on offer at the Cool Cat Casino site.

Keno – One game that always gets a lot of player’s attention is the game of Keno, and the reason why this game is played by many online casino players over at the Cool Cat Casino site is that when you play it you could win some massive amount of cash, with a little bit of luck!

Keno is a game of pure chance, and as such whenever you playing it if Lady Luck is smiling on you then you could win big! The game will see you having to select a range of different numbers from one to eighty and select them to be highlighted on your Keno Card.

As soon as you are happy with your number selections and have chosen a stake at which to play this game for then as soon as you sent the game into live play a rapid fire selection of twenty Keno balls are going to be fired out of the Keno machine, and your task and aim is a simple one and that is to get as many of those numbers drawn out of the Keno machine matching your number selections. The more you match the more you will win!

Sic bo – The game of Sicbo is a game on which a set of three dice will be rolled once you set the game into play, however before you roll those three dice you are given the option of playing a large plethora of different bets. The aim if this game is to simply predict what the three upward facing sides on the three dice will be once they have been rolled.

The number of potential betting options really is very large when you play this game and you are permitted to place as many wagers on as many of the betting opportunities offered as you wish to wager on.

The highest winning payout odds are attached to the triple number betting opportunities, and as such if for example you place one chip of any value on let us say the triple 2 bet, and once you have rolled the three dice three 2’s then get rolled in then you will be paid out at winning odds of 180:1!

There is a huge array of other betting opportunities on this game and as such if you want the minimum amount of risk when playing it you can place a bet on an even money paying bet such as the small number bet. This will see you placing a wager which pays even money if the total value of the three dice adds up to 4 to 11!