CoolCat Casino: Different Video Poker Games Available To Play Now

Video PokerSome of the highest paying casino games found on offer at sites such as the CoolCat Casino that utilize the gaming platform from Real Time Gaming are the many different Video Poker game variants and Variety Games found in large numbers on both the instant play and the downloadable gaming platform.

With this in mind and as you may be on the lookout for a range of games that are going to enable you to win some very large amounts of cash or at the very least get the maximum winning chances and the maximum amount of play time from your casino game playing budget, then below we have compiled a listing of all of the currently available Video Poker games offered by CoolCat Casino.

There is one thing that you need to be aware of when you are playing Video Poker games online at any online casinos that utilizes the gaming platform and range of games from Real Time Gaming and that is there are actually three different pay tables that can be attached to the Video Poker games available.

Each pay table is going to award a different long term excepted payout percentage, and the reason why RTG gives their casino licensees the ability to put into play one of three different pay table sis not out of greed or anything like that, it is due to the simple fact that many owners and operators of Real Time Gaming like to give their players access to bonuses way higher than are given away by other casino sites

So to enable them to give away these huge bonuses on an ongoing basis many casino opt to put the third set of pay table son their Video Poker games. With this in mind we have listed below not only the different Video Poker variants that you are going to be able to play at the CoolCat Casino site but alongside each of them is the third pay tables long term expected payout percentage.

We have chosen to list these payout percentages to enable you to see the absolute minimum payout percentage that each game will be expected to return to players over the long term, and it will soon become apparent the following games are still very high paying games!

Video Poker Games and RTP’S

Remember that if you do make the very wise decision of joining up to and playing any of the following Video Poker games for real money at the CoolCat Casino site then you will find you can take advantage of their generous ongoing bonus offers and no deposit codes and in addition to that each time you place real money wagers on these games you will be earning comp points.

When you play any of the following games over the long term you will earn more and more comp points and may get to increase your VIP level in the VIP Program and as such will be earning even more comps based on the level of your real money wagers and will be getting a much better redemption rate and cash out limit as you rise through the ranks of their VIP Program!

Jacks or Better – The lowest pay table that is attached to the Jacks of Better Video Poker game offer by Real Time Gaming powered online casino sites will return a long term expected payout percentage of a large and generous 95.00%, however it is worth us pointing out that if you keep on reading this guide you will find some Video Poker games offering much higher payout percentages and those are the game you should be looking to play for real money!

Joker Poker – One Video Poker game variant worth playing is the Joker poke game, this game has an extra Joker in the deck and that very special card will stand in for all other cards in the deck, the RTP of this game over the long term is a very high 98.48%!

Deuces Wild – With four 2’s in the deck all of which are completely wild you will be amazed at just how regularly you form winning combinations when playing this particular Video Poker game, and if you fancy giving it a whirl then you will need to knows the expected payout percentage which is 97.97%!

All American – You will find plenty of Video Poker game variants on offer at CoolCat Casino, and as s a first time player then do feel free to give several of them some play time, as they all have their own RTP’s and their own unique set of payouts, if you like the look of the All American game then that will be a good choice of games as its RTP is set to return 98.49%!

Bonus Poker – For a slightly different set of winning payouts on the pay table the Bonus Poker game is one of those Video Poker games which offer players such a thing! This is another very high paying Video Poker game and you should be interested in playing it when we tell you the payout percentage is a huge 98.96%!

Double Bonus – Another Video Poker game variant that many players love playing at CoolCat Casino is the Double Bonus variant, and we think as soon as you play the game yourself and learn that its long term expected payout percentage is a huge 98.57% you will get to like the game as well!

Double Double Bonus – This game in an enhanced variant of the one above, and as such whenever you give it any amount of play time you are going to notice a large range of additional winning hand combinations can be formed, this particular game will return over the long term an RTP of some 97.86%!

Pick ‘Em Poker – The Pick ‘Em Poker Video Poker game variant is unique to Real Time Gaming powered online casinos and as such you will find it readily available at the CoolCat Casino site, the reason this game is one of the most played variants is that its long term expected payout percentage has been set very high at 98.74%!